Carpet Cleaning Albany

Carpet cleaning is an essential part of creating a healthy and productive workplace. Whether you run a restaurant, an office, a bank, or an industrial facility, the carpets need to be cleaned on a regular basis. And while that includes regular vacuum cleaning, it also includes a deep carpet cleaning as well.

Capital Area Janitorial offers some of the best commercial carpet cleaning services in the Capital District. Our dedicated and reliable janitors maintain the highest levels of professionalism on every job. No project is too big or too small.

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Why Hire a Commercial Carpet Cleaner?

Your carpets work hard for you every day. And what do you do to thank them? You walk all over them.

After a week or so, all the dust, dirt, pollen, and microbes that people track in on their feet get worked deep into the fibers of your carpet. Sure, vacuuming will remove the loose particles, but those that are deeply ingrained will stay right where they are. Over time, these particles will build up and can cause a range of respiratory problems for the individuals who spend their days there. Not only that, but the carpet will begin to look worn, matted, and dirty. That’s not the image you want to present to potential clients, is it?

Capital Area Janitorial’s carpet cleaning is guaranteed to loosen that hard-to-get-dirt from the fibers of your carpet. By the end of our rigorous cleaning process, your carpet will look brand-new again!

One-Time Service or Scheduled Deep Clean

At Capital Area Janitorial, we tailor our carpet cleaning services to meet the needs of your business. Are you in the market for a one-time deep clean? Or maybe you recognize the need for several carpet cleaning sessions per year? Either way, we can draft a service plan that will suit you best.

Every contract begins with an intensive consultation process. During the consultation, we work together to assess what kind of carpet cleaning you will need. Taking the dimensions and condition of your carpet into consideration, we estimate all the costs in advance. That way you know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re paying for.

Our State-of-the-Art Carpet Cleaning Techniques Put Quality First

Capital Area Janitorial’s number one priority is quality. And we take every step necessary to achieve that.

Every member of our team is trained on the most technically advanced carpet cleaning technology. This extensive in-house training emphasizes that care is the essential part of carpet cleaning. The techniques they use are specially designed to protect your carpet from damage while doing the deepest possible clean.

In fact, after years of working closely with some of the highest-profile companies and institutions in Schenectady and the Capital Region, we still have yet to receive a single complaint about our work. That’s a guarantee of quality that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the region.

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